Saturday, June 20, 2009

March 2009 Rewind

Alright, I warned you it was coming, and here it is . . . it took quite a few hours to collage all my photos from the last 4 months. I think I blogged most of March so here is what is left:

Near the end of March I decided to bring Ellie down to SLC for Disney on Ice. We were in DIRE need of some one-on-one time. It was a lot of fun. We stopped for Wendy's on the way down, of course she mostly just ate the Frosty, right? Right!
She was amazed by most of it, loved Ariel and Lilo the most, and was very sad they didn't let her go hug Lilo & Stitch after it was all over!
Another new development these last few months have been her weird smile. You ask her to smile and for some reason she does this. The only way you get adorableness is to catch her off guard with a candid shot.
More Snow! I am not the biggest fan of COLD weather so I didn't spend a LOT of time outside with them during the winter . . . but I didn't manage a few snowmen. This is one of many:

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