Saturday, June 20, 2009

April 2009 Rewind

The drawback of packing a whole month into one post is that I don't have much to say to go with each picture.

Conference Weekend in Idaho Falls with the Andersons
We decided to head up to Idaho Falls as much as we could before Mindy & Jacob & families (D's siblings) headed to Chicago for four months. While we were there their neighbors gave Ellie & Stina this tricycle. It's gotten a lot of use and had a lot of fights over it since then.

This year for Easter I stayed up until 2 am blowing the insides of eggs out for empty shells for our morning Easter lesson that we always have in the morning. The kids had fun smashing their empty eggs and seeing that it was empty just like Jesus' tomb was empty. Then we watched part of the sunrise, had our Easter candy hunt, and got ready for church.
Oh, I forgot to mention that Bubba woke up barfing. He barely had any fun dying eggs.
Kendra's Blessing

Fun @ The Park
Christian's Birthday (and my birthday)

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