Friday, June 26, 2009

The Tooth Doctor

Ellie loves her pediatrician so much I told her when she turned four she could go to a NEW doctor . . . the tooth doctor. A man that was SO nice and that cleaned and took pictures of her teeth. So I went with her to her first appointment this morning and much to my dismay, their policy is that parents can only stay with patients three and younger! So if we would have gone last week I would have been able to stay so she wouldn't have been so nervous. They had a big open room in the back where there were 8 tables where the kids could get their teeth cleaned . . . I knew she would be nervous - but she did great! I think it helped that she knew she would get a balloon at the end of the visit. They did mention that four is a little late for a first doctors appointment . . . but I didn't care, I knew she had stellar teeth. We don't do pop, not much juice or candy - and her teeth didn't come in til she was 15 months. So they are less exposed to sugar I guess and stronger.
Anyways after we got home the other kids had a visit with their mom and she really wanted to use our extra egg dying kit from Easter -- now was as good as time as ever! So here she is, making a right mess of herself!


  1. My oldest loves to go to the peds md too and that's how i convince him the dentist is the coolest too. Ha ha! Funny! I love that you actually pulled out the egg-dying kit this late in the year. Priceless!

  2. I didn't know her teeth came in at 15 months!! I thought Addy was taking forever..she got her bottom two in the past month and her top one just broke through. Dying eggs should be done all year's the best!

  3. Ellie--good for you. It will be so much better and less painful to take care of your teeth now. Grandma and I are paying the price now with all our caps and crowns. Love, you Grandpa wants to see you soon.