Wednesday, July 15, 2009

as he whispers sweet nothings in my ear

so last week sometime darik and I were cuddling downstairs watching a movie. you know how (as a SAHM) when you have a day where you dressed up nice, hair done, nice makeup . . . you like to hear a compliment? so I went fishing for one (I got what I deserved here) and asked, "so do I look pretty today?"
Darik looked over at me, leaned in, and whispered, "you're so . . . fat-tractive."

I did a double take. "What did you just call me?" thinking that I'd heard wrong.

"Fat-tractive. But I meant to say physically attractive and it just came out wrong!"

Right. So phat-tractive is somehow better? Nice Freudian slip there, buddy! :-)
Actually I know darik would **never** in his long life criticize me like that so I know it was an accident and it was easy to laugh off and make a joke out of it.

But here's the thing, it has become the greatest motivator for me. I KNOW that I don't look like it, but after only 1 kid and 4 years later I'm 25 elbees over my weight I was when I went to college (125). Yep I'm tipping the scale around 150 - now whether you hate me for that or not I don't care. And I didn't care much about my weight lately (I knew I was bigger but just figured Darik could handle the extra curves :-) until my pants stopped fitting me. And my mom gave me size 11 hand me down jeans that fit perfectly!! AAAAH! So I decided I need to get it under control and I decide to cut the junk food out of my diet I've picked up from couponing (hello fruitsnacks) and exercise. The conflict here is that I have horrible knees. I had to quit track in junior high because I would run and then get home and not even be able to walk and just have to crawl around the house. The doctors said they weren't sure what was going on . . . tendinitis, arthritis, and the onset of rheumatoid arthritis were all some ideas thrown around. Whatever it was/has been/is; it makes workouts difficult (esp my treadmill). So I've had to start out slow, but going 1.5 miles walk/run for two weeks I didn't lose ONE pound!! It was so hard to keep it up . . . until Darik gave me the gift of motivation with one slip of the tongue (that is not code). So now when I feel like not working out I just think about how FATTRACTIVE I have become. Even if I haven't lost a pound now for a month, still works like a charm! Thanks babe! :-)


  1. Ha ha ha!! Oh I love this post! So many funny things to relish. It took me forever to figure out what SAHM meant! :D Hello?! I am one. My friend who is quite skinny is not comfortable with her body since having a baby and she has helped me to see that no matter what size you are you can stil be in need of change, exercise, mentality changes. I appreciated that lesson otherwise I think I would look at your 150 and scoff. Good luck! I'm right there in the battle of the bulge with you.

  2. Darik is so funny!! I think i am going to have to steal Fattractive from you guys! You might not be losing weight because you aren't eating enough food. A lot of times when we work out we don't eat as much because we think it will counteract the work out but when our body doesn't get enough cals then it goes into starvation mode and holds on to the fat. You go girl!! I'm going to start calling you and telling you to get your booty on that treadmill and to put the cookies down!!!

  3. That is a funny story. I think is it funny he was going to say physically attractive. That is awesome. When I move there I am going to be working out and I would love to work out with you. We could figure something out. I will see you this weekend. We will be there tomorrow.

  4. Oh how I wish we were still neighbors! we could go run/walking together at 6:30 am!
    I have been trying to get in the exercising habit for a few months now. I hate it. I hate getting up, I hate cutting out treats, I hate it all!
    So good luck. I am in the same boat. My motivator is my swim suit/pair of undies that I am dying to look good in. :)

  5. Get an elliptical girl! SOOOO much easier on the knees. I love mine! I've been quite lazy (well, in the workout category) the past couple of months too. It's hard to keep at it- good luck! :)