Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Fourth

For the fourth we went to the parade (which suffers greatly because of the Pocatello Pioneer Day Parade) then to the AC for lunch and the free ice cream cones they handed out at the parade. We bought some fireworks and got home in time for naps. The rule was that everyone who wanted to stay up and watch fireworks had to take a nap. And it worked. It was a miracle. So we woke up, had a small barbecue dinner, and all of a sudden we get a thunderstorm . . . one of those with the sun out. So Daddy hopped in his swimsuit and the kids followed and they had a great time out there. It was pretty random and turned out to be a fun memory. After that they were freezing and they spent the rest of the night harassing us about when it would be time to light our fireworks we bought. Finally at 930 we set them off and headed up to the church to watch from the lawn. It's so nice to see them from a block away! But it was fREEEzing!! It was a fun show though, and afterwords drove the 100 yards home to our house. I LOVE not having to fight traffic after a late night fireworks show :-) Happy BDay USA!

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