Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Project: Party

Darik had July 3 off of work - so it turned into project day. And what was worthy of a 6 hour project that day? The garage. It's been a dumping ground for a bit too long . . . ahem, 2.5 years too long. So while we were busy at work we put the sprinkler in the front yard to keep the kids entertained while under watchful eye. Who knew it would be so fun?? By the end of the day D & I took a jump through the water right before our trip to DI. I don't have an after picture of the garage yet, my batteries died just as we put the final touches on it. It's gorgeous in there now, we could even park two cars in there if we wanted!! :-)


  1. You take great pics! Do you use Picasa to collage them like this??

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Ellie looks very grown up in her pictures. Does she still have that same little cute high pitched voice? you need to post a video of her talking again.