Thursday, October 01, 2009

ET Phone Home.

I do have a funny story that happened today. My computer crashed and I had to work on it so I was down here in the computer room. I brought Ellie in and had her listen to those old-school books on tape, Disney style sort of things (where the bell rings and you turn the page). So she grabs a tape and puts it in and . . . . it's E.T. I almost make her change it but it's a very short abbreviated version . . . so eh. I let her listen to it. Then she rewound it and listened again. Halfway through I look down and her shoulders are shaking, I jump down on the ground and get close -- she is bawling! just bawling her head off! About E.T.!!! She is so sad that he is her friend and had to leave and that the mean guys took him from the house and then his eyes woke up and he ran away to his space ship and flew away. I could NOT console her. I convinced her to go and eat some lunch, which she also cried through. Her face was red and puffy and I couldn't figure out how to stop it. Crazy. Finally I had her write a note that said, "E.T. I miss you" and she put it up in her bedroom window so he could read it from his spaceship and she could send her friend loves up to him in the stars. That helped enough to get her to calm down enough to go to story time @ the library. So, yeah. E.T. Who woulda thunk?

p.s. Today was the first day of snow in Pocatello (ugghhh) and I'd already had an open invite from my SIL for me to come down to LV with Ellie and she would help me forget about a lot of the drama that is still here. I think I need a little R&R! So consider this my last in the long line of catch-up posts. I will be leaving tomorrow for warmer waters and ---- I can't wait! Vegas, here I come! :-)


  1. Such a sweet little girl you have! ET makes me bawl too. :) We miss you guys. Hope Vegas was fun... we wish we could've seen you! :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header picture!