Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So. Now What?

We came home from dropping the kids off and decided to make dinner. Ellie got a hold of the camera . . . if you look close our eyes are pretty teary. It was really strange coming home to a **silent** home. It was empty. And I'm not quite sure we knew what to do about it. The very next day Ellie started her first day of preschool. She was NOT too happy with me about that. But I was just struggling to get myself out of bed, so my mom came over and dragged me up to the golf course while Ellie was in preschool. Do you know how awesome that was? I was on the golf team in high school and I LOVED golfing. But I don't think I'd really gone in about 3 years. It felt so good to do something like that for myself.
I continued coupon shopping. The craziness below is 80 lbs of frozen chicken ($1.38/lb!) & 18 bottles of empty marinade after I'd packed em all in freezer bags. During the last 6 weeks I have done about 5 coupon classes at Enrichments. I have wanted to stop teaching the classes (I don't get as much commission from Enrichments because I can't sell the subscriptions while there) but it seems every time I think I'm done someone else asks me to do one and I can't say no. I'm such a pushover.
We've played at the park. It is quite the adjustment for the both of us to just have each other's mug be the only thing to entertain each other all day. It isn't easy to have a four year old shove her face in yours every time you sit down to read. What has helped is that my laundry has gone down from 6-7 loads/week to 2-3. Dishes down from 1-2 loads/day to 1 load every other day. Those are some adjustments that have helped me out a little bit. Darik seems shocked every day he comes home and the house is clean, dinner ready, & dishes are already done (90% of the time, now). Amazing how that happens when you go down from 3 to 1 kid.
I also had a local musician contact me to do some photography for him for his new CD. This is actually just a few of my favorite shots and I think I can feel myself getting better. It was fun.
Other than that the last three weeks have been a work in progress. I've been surprised that it seems like I'm having a harder time adjusting than Ellie is, but I think kids adapt much easier than adults do (at least from this experience). We're still kicking and things are really looking on the up and up.


  1. Who is the local musician?

  2. Never mind, I confirmed with my husband that he is Dan Dale. He works with my husband at Culligan. Small world!