Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling Forward

As soon as we were home from the reunion we unpacked the car and went and picked up the kids from their respite family. Boy did we miss those little buggers. And when they got home they sure liked playing with buggers. All of a sudden we went from summer to fall in half a second, twelve hours later the boys had their first day of school. Aaaaugh! We still had our summer remodeling project to knock out of the park . . . and we were all exhausted from the month of august! During one of the Sandoval's visits Ellie wanted to watch a movie, and our basement was out of commission so she watched on the laptop - she was out in less than 10 minutes. Another day my mom & dad took Ellie golfing so Stina had to take a bath alone. The girls always like really shallow water because they don't like it in their ears . . . so it's pretty low in this picture, but we were just in the kitchen doing the dishes when we notice that stina's been quiet in there for a few minutes. Uhhhh, she fell asleep in the water! After I was sure she was safe and ran and got the camera while Darik watched her. Poor little sleepy head!

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