Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Annual Miller Reunion 2009

It's official. The Jerry Miller family has grown enough to justify its own annual family reunion. It's near impossible to get everyone together for the holidays, and it's too stressful to go around pressuring everyone to change their schedules JUST to make it happen. Too many guilt trips. So we decided to have the holidays just be whoever can make it but really try to get everyone at the summer reunion if possible. We had everyone there but Emily this year and it rocked. We're up to 11 grandkids, woot! Tony & Kim were in charge this year and they chose a camping location just east of Beaver, Utah; which was kinda a central location between Poky & Vegas. The trip included a few scheduled activities like fishing and paintball, but most of it was just chill. The hardest part of the trip: no air conditioning in the truck and driving in rush hour traffic at 100*+. Awesome.

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