Sunday, September 27, 2009

Party in the USA

That's the title of the blog because, well really, because I can't get that song out of my head. So I guess no matter what I was blogging about I would probably name the post that. It kind of works because it feels like the whole months of August was just one crazy party/reunion/vacation. This post is exclusively about the next two water parties we had.

We were hardly at home in August because once we came back from our Miller vacation we worked on remodeling the house, then the next weekend I brought Ellie down to Bear Lake with some friends. She had a blast playing with the girls that were her age. Plus it was so cute because she thought Bear Lake was the ocean. So cute.The rest of these are pictures of another weekend where Darik & I & Ellie took off for Boise. My cousin Anna, her husband DJ, and little boy Boston had a few days off that finally matched up with our schedule to go hang out. We spent one day out on the lake where I unsuccessfully tried water skiing (I SUCK) but I actually got up on the waterboard for about 1.21 seconds, which was pretty cool. I know I've said it on here before but Darik LOVES being out on a lake. He's really good at it and I LOVE seeing how relaxed he gets and how big his smiles are. We need to go and buy a house for $75k so we can afford some toys! :-) And of course there's my cousin Anna who can ROCK it on water skis, she's my hero! My goal is to one day get up on those dang things . . . anyways, I love my cousin and her family tons and it was a perfect weekend. Even though we were out on the lake only one day I took tons of pics (frills, I took over 1000 pictures in the month of August) so that's why you are now blessed with a plethora of them. And all I can say is just wait for more, cuz it's comin'!

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  1. Is "Anna your cousin" Anna Airmet?? I didn't realize you were cousins! What is she up to these days?