Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Anderson Reunion

Halloween weekend was a perfect storm. Darik's brother Jake was blessing his baby, his brother Travis was going to be in town for a week on a business trip and brought his family, AND the whole family hadn't been in the same spot in about four years. Soooooo, off we go to Idaho Falls to almost spend the whole week there. I went up without D so all the kids could trick-or-treat together. First thing's first: Ellie mugs Batman the cat. Then she reconnects with Jayden, who is only a month older than her. Once they were together we couldn't get them apart!
In the afternoon they made spider cookies before getting dressed up for ToTing. Aunt Mindy is the makeup master, Ellie wouldn't even consider letting me do it which I thought was kinda cute. Mindy did a great job. As for the actual Trick or Treating . . . well, the Andersons live out in the country where it takes 10 minutes just to drive from one house to the next; so after all the obligatory stops at about four friends' houses was over we'd almost burned through an hour of time! Alot different than Paradise Acres I'll tell you what. Anyways we drove into town and hit The Village (but only one cul-de-sac) before Mindy called & wanted us to go to her in-laws' neighborhood. We drove over there and after about 15 minutes the kids were done. I think I heard Landon say, "I hate halloween" and Ellie said "My legs hurt and it hurts to breathe more." Needless to say the kids were done, and much to mommy's happiness we only had half a bucket of candy. I think it was gone in just a few days. Candy drama over and done with, thank you very much.
The next day Jake & Alyssa had their blessing of little Jacob Dylan (JD) and it was great. Darik worked the whole weekend (darn football season) so he drove up in the morning before church. It's not professional but I believe the family picture in the BOTTOM photo is the first full family photo in five years--doubling to 16 members.Elle & I went home Monday and came back up with D on Wednesday, which is when we went to the park and had lots of fun in the leaves. D&I went home that night and left L to play with Jayden. They were two peas in a pod - boy can those two girls get their play on. It was great to see Ellie have a close bond with a cousin like I had (my cousin Anna was 6 weeks older than I was and she was always one of my best friends). It may not be just like my situation since Jayden is in Portland, but still. On Friday Trav & Carried dropped of Ellie on their way out of town and the week was over. They stayed for a few hours and we had fun playing games, visiting, and letting mom, dad & baby take a nap while aunt kris brought the older kids down to the park. Oh and the adorable little baby above? That's my little niece Halle Paige. She's nine months old and weighs 12 pounds -- just tiny! Her parents have to mix butter and sour cream into all of her food to help her gain weight. It was really nice being together with everyone, and the best news is that we get to do it all over again in December!

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