Friday, October 30, 2009

Scary Snow Day

The next day we woke up to a skiff of snow in Pocatello, but not Inkom. We went out in the morning for a playdate and it was a whole bunch of snowman snow. I'm never really happy with snow but it makes for nice pictures.After lunch we headed to my mom's house. It was time to get ready for THE halloween party of the year, hosted by my 11-year old niece Brooke. My mom decided she would combine 14 tween girls with 7 young grandchildren into two parties in the same house. It was crazy. She assigned me and Jon the spook alley, which with 0700 hours to go hadn't even been started. I begrudgingly spent at least 4 hours ripping garbage sacks up and hanging them from the ceiling in the garage to make a maze. Then the sibs showed up and helped finish up, Em & Jon took some pretty freaky masks & power tools to the next level while James & I settled for those (jason? we call them jabbawockeez) hockey masks and small axes. It actually turned out awesome. I was so busy I didn't take pictures, unfortunately. The little kids did manage to get in their own version of the spook alley, as well as cookies, coloring, and bobbing for apples.

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