Thursday, November 12, 2009

C. A. N. C. E. R.

I know I had already alluded to this by my older sister Emily was diagnosed with cancer in November.  She has had colon cancer for over two years that had gone misdiagnosed.  Because of that they her cancer was in stage three by the time they finally caught it.  Here she is down at the Huntsman Cancer Center with her doctors, etc.  Soon after she began chemo/radiation therapy - since it was localized treatment she didn't lose her hair and need a wig - but she literally looked like death.  Now that chemo is over she is feeling a little better and waiting for her tumor-removing surgery scheduled for March 4.  This has been an interesting journey . . . it has demanded a lot of my mom as she gets her to her treatments every day and takes care of her three beautiful girls.  I can't imagine what those little girls might be going through.  The doctors have said that they haven't had any new prognosis studies in a few years, and there have been a lot of technological advances in how they treat this type of cancer - but they can guarantee she has at least a 60% chance of survival.  It is hard to watch someone so close to you go through this - and it's a little scarier than my dad's prostate cancer that had a 95% survival rate.  We'll see how this goes but we're hoping for a happy ending to this story.

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