Sunday, November 15, 2009

Princesses On Ice

I know earlier in the year Ellie & I went down to SLC for Disney on Ice . . . but in November when I saw I could get discounted tickets for $10 each . . . well it was real tempting :-) tempting enough to take the leap, even with the gas costs.  We called our good friends down from the SLC area, Nancy and her daughter Savannah, to see if they wanted to come with us.  It was fun - and a lot different than Disney on Ice since this one focused on Princesses and the other one only had two princesses.  The funniest part of the night is when the Duke was skating around and trying on the glass slipper on people in the front row . . . well, Ellie was dressed up as Cinderella and literally thought she WAS Cinderella . . . so during this quiet part of the show Ellie hops up and yells REALLY loud, "Duke!! Duke, I'm right here!  Come fit it on my foot, Duke!"  It was loud enough that quite a few rows of people around us all looked over and chuckled . . . my little baby girl is SO cute and is growing up so fast  We're so lucky to have her.

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