Friday, December 11, 2009

Miller Christmas Time

Tony, Kim & kids family came up to December to celebrate Christmas . . . a little early, from about 10th to the 18th.  We had just gone through the worst cold front, I swear and it warmed back up into the 30s for the week that they were here - us Idahoans thought it was quite the warm front.  So we hear they're in town and we head over to mom's house - the kids were actually at the park sledding so we took off straitaway.  This first picture is of Ellie & Maddy seeing each other for the first time in a few months.  So cute.  Also so cute?  the little pic of Maddy's feet high up in the air after a push from her daddy.  The best thing about this was that the kids were old enough to pull their own sleds up the hill and walk up ALL BY THEMSELVES!!
After sledding we headed back to my mom's house where we threw our own early Christmas party.  I love my cutest little family.  The kids all got to be princes and princesses.  Sometime during that week Tony & I brought our families to The Princess & The Frog - so cute!  So fun.
During that week I think we all got together about every other night.  Here we are playing curses.
Another night, our annual graham-cracker house making contest.  We didn't think up prize names for everyone's this year - first of all it was Tony's and Jon's first year of entry. They were in the 'just in it for the fun' category.  The Andersons?  Disneyland.  The James Miller family?  A UFC fighting cage.  Tis' the season, right?
Another night?  We hosted dinner & game night at our house.  Kids in boxes, Crack the Egg, Duck Duck Goose, Fruit Basket . . . what more could ya ask for?

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