Monday, January 04, 2010


Apparently I have a blog and it has been wondering where I have been. It may take a while for me to reacquaint myself with it so bear with me. I'm two months behind but I have *started* working on my collages to blog. A lot has happened. One car died, we fixed it, and sold it. We one carred it for a while during the holidays and when Christmas was over we had time to go car shoppin'. I started babysitting a baby 4 days a week (I think this has contributed the most to my non-blogging status). We will see how things go this year blog-wise with me still babysitting. I got my MAC and finished 6 months of blogbook on BookSmart in about 6 hours. Would have taken me 6 weeks on my old grandpa dell.

Anyways I have to get back to the house and Ellie.

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  1. Don't like it or need another one for the MAC. How much?