Saturday, January 09, 2010

January 2010

Well we bought a car at the end of 2009 and pulled Ellie out of preschool and dance lessons to help balance out having a car payment - which we've never had before.  So she finished out one semester of preschool and her last dance recital (below).  The first two pics are just of my little fashion poser.  How cute. The second picture is when I started working early in January and my mom had an emergency she needed me to come and watch the kids at her house for a few hours.  Little did I know these two rugrats would be my own after 5 more months.  I really liked this last recital . . . I was pleased with our costumes and the dances and Ellie's little dance friends.  Taysha was able to come and see again.  

Here we are up in Idaho Falls visiting grandpa and grandma.  Ellie loves baking with gma!

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