Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End

On our way home from Idaho Falls we stopped up in Rexburg for our annual Saurey Christmas party.  We were the only Miller kids to be able to make it again.  Maybe one day there will be more of us there.  It was fun and was also the last time we saw Uncle Scott alive.

After the party we took off for home.  We were somehow able to pull off finding where Santa had put all our Christmas presents that he left here for us.  We spent a little bit of time putting that dollhouse from Santa together.  Sure wish he could have brought it already put together :-)  I must also say that Santa is the best bargain shopper ever - he was able to snag this deal for $40 flat.

The rest of the months was filled with snow, sledding, and just a bunch of being silly.  And learning how to play our new wii games
For new year's eve we were back up in Idaho Falls to hang out with Kurt & Marybeth and Tamara.  Mike, Karen and Kate were also there from Vegas (D's 2 BFFs from HS and their families).  We actually had a lot of fun, I think this year one of the funniest parts was playing Rock Band and while D was taking his turn singing - I almost collapsed busting a gut because his singing reminded me of Mike Meyers from So I Married An Axe Murderer.  The guys mostly played games and the girls talked and talked and talked and the girls played and then all of a sudden we all look up and it's 12:15.  Well, it was anti-climatic but it happened and it was fun.  We were staying the night so we put Ellie to bed in the trundle bed while MK&K left for the Sharps.  We had a good time, although the snowstorm made for quite a mess on the way home! (getting lost trying to find the Sandovals house in Pingree to give them their Christmas presents.  Ugh!)

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