Monday, February 08, 2010

The great flood of 2010

So I began working full-time for APSG tax office this year in January instead of February or March like I usually do.  We were a few days into February when we come home from work and we notice that the toilet has overflown during the day and there is water on the floor.  So we turn off the water and clean the floor.   It wasn't until much later that night that we made it downstairs and I just happen to glance in Darik's "library" room.  And what do I see?  Sagging paint, wet carpet, and crumbling drywall filled with toilet water.  
 Uh, yuck.  So now I hit panic mode and am looking up our home insurance policy and I thought I'd call the local office in the morning, not noticing the 1-800 number posted.  So the next day they send out a restoration service to see how bad the damage is . . . and we thought it was just the room downstairs with damage.  Come to find out the flood leaked through our nasty green tile & grout and decimated our subfloors.  So, out comes the floor in the bathroom.
 After a few days they dried everything out and gave us an estimate of how much they'd pay to finish it (less our $1000 deductible, of course).   Well, we decided just to gut the whole room short of the tub and re-do everything.  If we're getting a new tile floor I didn't want to have to match the new tile to the old green stuff, ya know?
 So in the process of demolition we discover the wall below the window is moldy and rotted.  {sigh}  But!  We had a great time ripping it all out!!  Even Ellie who said, "I'm learning how to work like the Seven Dwarves!"

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