Monday, February 08, 2010

This Old House

So this winter we redid some things in our house: 
1) We turned our couches into stadium seating
2)  We added a walk-in-closet to the master bed, which means Ellie's room got re-done.
3)  Other varios organizing things in the other rooms?
p.s. I actually think I took these pictures because we were trying to sell our house for a short while there in February.  Greg Romriell was trying to sell his house on 19th with the walkout basement that went into the Holt Parking Lot (perfect location? yes).  And we were hoping to buy it and rent out the basement and sell our house.  Alas, that is not how things worked out and the city refused to let a rental go on that property, so . . . . here we are.  But I think we were taking pictures to show people the house we wanted to sale.

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