Tuesday, February 02, 2010

holy sh**

Pardon my french.  

Back in the 80s I was at my grandparents house, I was probably about 7 and my little brother Mike was about 4.  We were watching back to the future and we were at that point where Doc is waiting for Marty to show up at the clock tower and it looks like he's late . . . Doc's looking at his watch and says, "Damn! Damn, damn, damn!"  All of us Millers remember that day when 4-year-old Mike walked into the next room and said, "Damn! Damn, damn, damn!"  Our little baby bro busting out the cussing at my grandparents house was enough to engrave that memory into us forever.

Fastforward 20+ years.  My daughter and I are at her grandparents house last night and she has three cousins that were watching Back to the Future.  At the start in the parking lot, you guessed it - Marty busts out "Holy Sh**!"  I cringed that I didn't protect my kid from this and as I do Ellie says really loudly, "He said, 'Holy Sh**!".

Excellent.  Somehow it couldn't be more fitting for me for her first four-letter word to come out like this.  May Miller tradition always be as strong as our nose genes.

p.s. yes we did talk to her about that being a bad word, etc.   And no, I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I'm memorializing this milestone for Ellie - but I am anyway in hopes that one day she has a 4 year old at my house that I can educate in a like manner.


  1. That is some funny sh**!!

  2. Awesome. I love that movie. I don't so much like the idea of my 4-year-old saying "sh**."

  3. Awesome. No other word can describe that post!

  4. Bahaha! I know my time is coming, so I'll laugh now ... and cringe later. Love it!

  5. I'm so proud of our nose!