Friday, February 12, 2010

they say I'm a dreamer . . .

So I usually don't remember my dreams but right before I go to bed tonight I remembered what I dreamt about last night - for some reason I thought it was kinda funny so I guess I'm blogging it.  Plus I'm hoping maybe someone can psychoanalyze and help me figure out what it means (and plus just because when I think about it I burst out laughing):

So I'm the primary chorister, and young Voldemort is in singing time . . . but somehow he keeps killing off kids by getting them to take red pills (I think this happens while they visit the restroom).  Their bodies disappear and their spirits vaporize to another world.  I'm communicating with Dumbledore to solve the mystery but it's very dangerous.  All of a sudden he dies somehow and I decide the only way I can solve the mystery and bring all these kids back is to go to the other world myself - so I take the red pills, vaporize to the other world and then . . .


Like my dream is waiting for a sequel or something.  Now usually if I have a weird dream it's because I just had a conversation about that topic or watched the movie.   But . . . I watched 'First Daughter' last night.  Not quite in the realm of He Who Shall Not Be Named.  Anyways, freaky-deeky, right?  Right.


  1. LOL - I can't stop laughing. That is a great dream thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I think you were bored in church, snuck off to read HP in the bathroom, and now- as maninfested in your dreams- you're feeling overwhelmingly guilty and afraid that as punishment Voldemort is making Horcruxes out of your primary kids.
    There you go...psychoanalyzed by Andrea. ;)