Saturday, July 24, 2010

Andersons 2010

The Andersons had their reunion up at Rock Creek Girls Camp again near Ashton.  These first pics are of the first day, we had lunch with just the Randy Andersons, and Ellie and I had been out swimming, well I decided to be a genius and grab my book and sit out in the sun in my swimsuit.  I got very VeRY burnt!  And either my camera battery was dead or I was having a hard time just not crying from my sunburn pain, but I didn't take pictures there - so these are from Gma, Gpa, and Mindy.  Ellie was even more infatuated with Isaac this year since he kissed her three months earlier at a soccer game.  On the party night (they had set up the Wii game Just Dance on an outdoor big screen projector) Ellie was pouting under a nearby tree and I walked up to find out what had happend.  The result?  She told me, "Go away mom, you wouldn't understand!  Just leave me alone!!!"  Say what?  I think those words came out of her mouth about 10 years (at least 5, right?) too early.  Yikes.  

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