Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Milla Time 2010

2010 marked the second annual Jerry Miller Reunion.  This year Laura chose Crystal Hot Springs, Utah, for our camping location.  And while, if my memory serves me correctly, that place has let itself go over the last 10 years -- we still managed to have a blast.  And Ellie was able to fulfill her longing of camping with the Millers again.  After the reunion Mike & Tony still had vacation days so they came up to Poky for the rest of the week -- where, my dad planned part two of the reunion  . . . a Miller Family Golf Tournament!  It was SO much fun.  And don't ask me how Darik and I were the only ones to fall OUT of our golf carts, but we were.  So much fun.  I'm so glad we started this up - I think it takes stress out of our holidays because the reunion is the time we put in our yearly schedules to be together as a priority - not the craziest time of year! :-)

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