Monday, September 06, 2010

Go Vikings!

So last week my friend from Iowa (who now lives in Wisconsin) called me and said that her daughter Tambre, who was my beehive in Iowa, was moving out to Rexburg for school at the end of August (she hitched a ride) but they weren't letting anyone move in till Labor Day on 9/6.  Could we possibly let her crash at our place for a week?  OF COURSE!!  We hadn't seen Tambre in over 4 years but it was nice to see her and catch up.  We had a great time watching CHICK FLIX while Darik was working late, and she babysat for us so we could go to the temple and when we got home our house was clean and the dishes were done!!  Seriously there couldn't have been a better house guest in the whole entire world!!  Ellie misses you Tambre!

The only drawback?  It made me come to grips with the fact that I'm old.  Way old.  Like 11 years removed from the day I moved up to Rexburg as a freshman to go to Ricks (now BYU-Idaho).  Like when I dropped her off people thought I was her MOM!!!

And I was SO SO SO excited for her.  The experiences you can have in Rexburg can not happen anywhere else in the world.  Not in Provo, not at ISU and using an institute, not anywhere.  Seriously that place can change your life.  And another thing is I got to give her tons of advice (borderline lecture) in hopes of setting her on her way and having a BLAST!!  Good Luck Tambre!


  1. Actually, BYU Provo provides awesome, life-changing experiences, too. :) It did for me. I feel even older than you, Kristine--you and Tambre both make me feel old. I was a BYU freshman 19 years ago! Sigh. But life has been pretty good since then, so I'll try to focus on that instead. I like your heading about "bloom where you are planted." It's a lesson I've been trying to learn for a long time. I appreciate the reminder. :)

  2. Dawn, I agree. Anywhere can be life changing and awesome, but in Pres. Bednar's words, "BYU-I can do and be things that BYU-P only wishes they could." It's a totally different focus, both necessary and each have their time and place :-)