Saturday, September 04, 2010

My Fair Lady

On Saturday morning Grandpa Anderson called and asked if we could meet them up at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot to see the animals.  Darik had to work (of course) so just Ellie and I made our way up there.

Let me tell ya, Ellie's not the easiest kid to take to the fair. She never wants to do what you want her to do when you want her to do it (like going potty, regardless if she needs to or not) and then she sat and yelled at me because supposedly I magically "know" what she wants to do and I just am not letting her do it just to be mean. Even when I ask what she wants to do she huffs and puffs because I already "know".  After a dramatic showdown between what came first, pizza or bathroom, I was able to figure out she wanted a RIDE!!  So I said just ONE and made her choose.  She chose the spinning hot air balloons from Neverland Ranch.  Awesome.
We saw lots and lots of animals who were in competition and after the ride we made our way over to McKees petting zoo, which we get to go to anytime we want to in Chubbuck for free - but might as well go again in Blackfoot, right?
After that we passed the jumping dogs and found an area with a bunch of old tractors they were letting the kids play on.  Let me tell ya, after hours of fair attractions the thing that was Ellie's favorite?  Playing mermaids getting saved from the hot lava on the tractors.  {sigh}
What a poser!  Grandma ran and got some Tiger Ears while we were playing - and Ellie was disgusted at the thought that we were actually eating Tiger Ears!!! Until she tried one :-)  It was really fun and I hadn't been to the EISF for probably about 10 years.  What a fun trip, thanks Grandma & Grandpa!!

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