Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Goings Ons

One of the reasons we canceled our cable was so we could put Elle back in dance class.  He last recital was in January and we decided to skip Winter semester at the Rec Center.  When deciding to put her in a class I wanted a real ballet class instead of the age 3-5 tumble/dance at the Rec Center?  The only problem?  Ellie LOVES her old teacher Misti ans is constantly letting me know how much she misses her.
The upside?  She's actually learning ballet.  At the start you couldn't tell but as we peek through this black curtain into their studio I see progress!
A cute little stage Ellie's been going through is writint "notes" for us.  Sometimes it's scribbles, sometimes numbers, sometimes a stick man ("it's daddy jogging"), and sometimes we get some real words!!  "Momy" is on the sheet music, and we get "gramo" on the sidewalk outside.  My favorite note that she wrote me is "ET is not a bad alien, he is a good alien"  I'll have to scan and upload it because it's so adorable.  I love watching her grow up!
We had book fair at the Elementary School, and like a good parent I made sure to "donate" to my school by buying books at full prices; which I never do, by the way (NEVER).  James & Rachel had their bdays together and I just love the caption on the cake.  Cracked us up.
Ellie went to a football game with mom and I.  And while I don't support Ellie's cheerleader fixation and I'm trying to lighten up on my knocking on them all the time -- her being in a Duke outfit does make up for it.  Plus, if she didn't wear it I would feel I wasn't getting my money's worth out of the purchase price, silly!  Hopefully I'm not setting my self up for huge problems in the future.  This is just a stage, right?
Our two princesses dressed up and went outside to pick flowers.  These two are so adorable together!  I am SO grateful they moved in next door.
Jordyn and Chelsie did soccer this fall, and I wanted to make sure we caught one of her games.  Remember how Ellie was the most random girl out there when she played soccer?  Well, Chelsie was the SUPER STAR!  All jon had to do was teach her how to play and she followed his instructions perfectly!!  They had to start telling her not to touch the ball so other kids could play.  So proud of our little Chels!

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