Monday, October 25, 2010

Children't Lit Conf

So I saw in an email that Brandon Mull and Brandon Dorman would be the keynote speakers at BYUI's Children's Literature Conference. Um, Hello? What could be more perfect for me. Darik agreed this would be a perfect "me time" and I booked a ticket. I fished for any friends to come with me but had no takers. I was going anyways, and I really enjoyed myself. See? Me and Mendigo are best buddies now.
While I was at my "me time" I'd asked Gma & Gpa to watch Ellie Bellie for a little while. She sure had fun "helping" with the leaves. I'm also glad we got pictures of little Emmy, the neighbor across the street who is inseparable with Ellie whenever she comes over.  I'm so lucky to have such great in-laws who are such great Grandparents!

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