Sunday, July 04, 2010

July Randomness

Ellie visiting Gma & Gpa up in Idaho Falls.
Toy Story 3!  The best part of the movie?  Listening to Ellie's little, "MEH!" laugh come out.  Also when she called Mr. Potato Head Mr. Burrito Man.
Daddy's Little Girl is Growing Up!
The Many Face of Ellie.  It's a miracle she actually even let me take these!
4th of July celebration up at the Woods'.  It's so nice to have good neighbors and friends nearby.  Especially ones that make such yummy potluck food!
The Miller girls decided we'd have a GNO - and even though it was just Laura, Mom, & Me -- we had a great time skittle bowling.  I'm so glad Jon married Laura!!
Emily giving Ellie a piano lesson and Ellie's dentist visit to my work.
Aunt Marie asked me to come and shoot some pictures of a ward activity they had with mothers and daughters at the Idaho Falls Temple.  They had Sis. Stoddard (the temple matron, whose home is in their ((and my old)) ward) speak to them, saw the Hubble Telescope Display, and took pictures outside the temple.  I think this one of Renae is one of the favorite shots I've ever taken.

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