Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday! Elle Belle!

Ellie's birthday party was thrown together at the last minute.  I didn't want a seperate friend and family party, so I just invited a few of her friends to the family party.  Which, was okay.  We decided to have a water party with water balloons and the Hawaiian Luau theme.  So I spent 3 hours in the morning filling water balloons, only to find out Ellie and Maddie popped them all while I was making dinner for that night.  I had to put an emergency call into Darik to see if he could come home and help.  I do feel sad we didn't get any pictures of the water balloon fight, one that none of the adults would participate in (but D&I) but that meant more balloons for the little kids.  
 I dyed coconut to make a rainbow on Ellie's Lilo & Stitch cake.  I feel bad I didn't get a pic of it BEFORE we ate it :-)  It was cute.  But the cutest thing of the whole party was when we had our Lilo music on and Ellie got all the girls up dancing the Lilo Luau - with her instructing, of course.  I've got video of that, thank goodness.
 Also for her birthday, her annual checkup with Dr. Yost.  She got some shots and her vision and hearing tested for Kindergarten.  When the Dr. came in he basically sang all her praises about how practically perfect she was in every way.  She moved up into the 50th percentile in height and weight and he said she'd turn out just like her mama :-).

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