Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daddy Nose Best

I posted on facebook that I was nervous that D was going in for outpatient nasoplasty (deviated septum) because we had heard so many horror stories about how awful recovery was.  Ellie wanted to come when we dropped him off very early in the morning and she made sure to give Daddy's nose one of her magic kisses.  After surgery was over they called me to pick him up and when I walked in he was a pretty swollen and bloody mess.  Thank goodness for Vicodin, which surprisingly he didn't need very much of.  I seriously did all the worrying for the both of us, and turns out - didn't even need to bother.  darik was such a trooper.  We made him stay home a few days from work (first time in 4 years he'd used any of his sick days) and he was able to watch all six Star Wars movies, which was nice for him.  Even getting the stitches removed was supposed to be horrible, but he just shrugged it off!  I mean the doctor removed stitches that were back and forth through his septum and pulled three inch long splints out of his sinuses.  We certainly have a Super Dad on our hands!!  And we are SO grateful for such smooth recovery without infection (knock on wood).

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