Monday, December 13, 2010

tender mercies

Wasn't it weird that yesterday the high was 50*?  Less than two weeks before Christmas and it's warm enough to wear shorts outside.  I felt Heavenly Father looking over us . . . 
You see, a few weeks ago Crystal Sandoval emailed me.  The last time we saw the kids was in July - over 8 months ago when we had a sleepover.  All contact with Crystal since then was never returned.  I'm not sure what happened but she's moved from Pingree back into Blackfoot and has a new cell phone and lost her Internet.  So my emails and texts were going unanswered.  All of a sudden out of the blue she returns one of my emails, gives us her new phone number and address, and asks if we want to come see the kids.  We decide to buy them snowboots for christmas and we set up a time for Sunday afternoon for the visit.  Well she lives in a tiny apartment and she already had some friends and family over visiting but said we could come and see the kids in the front room.  If it had been cold outside our visit might have lasted 10 minutes tops.  It was that crowded.  But we grabbed all the kids and dragged em outside for some freeze tag and red rover.  We played outside for over an hour before it started feeling chilly.  We went back inside and grabbed a few last hugs from the kids and got some pictures before we left at 5:30 pm.  

We had given up hope we'd see them again.  And not only did we get to see them, but our 10 minute visit was extended to 2 hours because of that gorgeous December weather.  We left with a promise of a future sleepover during Christmas Break and big smiles.  What a blessing.  Our hearts were full as we drove home and looked over the beautiful sunset.  What are the chances today, out of all days, that SE Idaho would have the warmest day forcasted in the past 6 weeks?

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