Friday, December 10, 2010

Funny Little Girls

Since Jon & Laura moved into town we decided to start playdates.  We try to get together weekly, although I'm not the best at keeping up with what day it is for some reason.  But we get together and we have a great time!  Lexie and KK are hilarious and just so cute together and I love how Ellie and Chelsie play together.  I love that Ellie hasn't moved on to "older" play activities now that she's in school - still totally content with tea parties, dress up, and imagination in a box (and I think this day tying each other up).  We love these cuties so much!
 A few days later Kendra had just been dropped off at 630 am and I heard something say, "meow."  I was cuddling with Ellie on the couch and I thought she had said it.  After she told me she wasn't meowing I went and checked the front porch.  Sure enough there was a cat on the porch looking scared from the early morning rain and lightning storm that had snuck up on us (it warmed up by the 10th of December).  We coaxed the cat in and let the kids play with her until Darik came out for breakfast.  Then Daddy just opened the door and let her go.  Tears ensued.  How lucky we were the next day when we heard a little meow at the backdoor.  We never thought we'd see "Tinker" again!  So glad we got to get some pictures and say a proper goodbye this time!  p.s. I am shocked {SHOCKED I say} that the cat didn't scratch her.  The girls were muggin her pretty good.  She definitely ran from KK.  I'd say she's had experience with babies before :-)

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