Saturday, December 11, 2010

Swiper, No Swiping!

So we've been going through a little stage lately. A little stealing stage. At first it started with her neighbor friends that they would leave stuff at each other's houses and they would get to play with them until we gave them back. Then it started with bringing stuff home from friends' houses (on accident, and then on purpose). Just in the last few weeks we've had nail polish stolen from Jordyn's, rings and a yellow lizard from Brooke, and a necklace from Maddy. So we talked about stealing and repentance and not doing it again so we talked and she said, "But Mom, I wanted that stuff and I didn't have it!" Uh, I thought I went through this two years ago when Bubba was swiping clothes from lost & found at Edahow. I did? Right! can't believe I'm already here again with my own kid. So we talked about empathy and how she wouldn't want anyone taking her things and she shouldn't take from others. Also Heavenly Father wouldn't like her to. So fast forward to today? We're shopping at Walmart for Secret Santa gifts and for Sandoval kids gifts (what's that you say? I never blogged that I get to see my kids again?).  While we were in line Ellie was staring at the gift card shop they have set up near the registers - the ones with a thousand gift cards to anything (from iTunes to Olive Garden) and Ellie asks for one.  I tell her no and get on with checking out and getting out of Walmart ASAP.  Did I mention I plan on never going to WalMart again the second Saturday before Christmas?  Yeah.  NEVER AGAIN!

So we hurry home so we can try to catch Gma Anderson who is supposed to meet us there at 3, and when we get out of the car what do I find falls out of her coat?  Yep, one of those gift cards she was begging for!  Now we learned from Stina that sneakiness is a sign of intelligence but I am so done with trying to teach her about this.  I make her go back outside and get it from the ground and I totally busted her - hard!  She is now stealing and that's breaking the law and we have to bring the card back to the store.  All of a sudden tears are overflowing and she asks me if the cops will come and take her.  Now is not the time for love - now is the time for her to LEARN!  And yes, even though I just made an oath not to step back inside Walmart until next year I realize that now is a teachable moment and we best be putting our coats on and getting back in the car so we can bring this gift card back to it rightful owner.  I kept the music off on the way there and we went over what to say to the lady at Customer Service.  We went over the ABCs of repentance (Admit, Be Sorry, Confess & Change, Don't Do it Again!).  So she is timid and nervous (and may I add absolutely adorable and I wanted to cuddle her to death - but now was time for mean mom, not cuddle mom).  I was so grateful to the Customer Service lady that told her, "If you ever do it again I will call the cops!"  Here's hoping it sticks!

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  1. Way to handle it Kris! The best way to get a kid to stop stealing is to make them give it back to the person every time and every time they have to admit that they stole it and say they are sorry. It is a phase that kids go through, just like lying and swearing and as long as you are consistent on the consequence of stealing then it will no longer become a problem. Good luck!