Sunday, January 09, 2011

VacayDay 2 - SD Zoo & La Jolla Beach

The next day we used our CityPass at the San Diego Zoo.  It had warmed up a little, so that was nice. I must admit I was the biggest fan of the zoo.  Apparently I'm the big animal fan of the family.  Which - I can't say is true, Ellie loves animals so much more but there must be something about all the walking that was taking its toll on her.  We started the day on the 30 minutes bus ride around the park.  To see the whole park on foot it would take more than 8 hours of walking, so you kind of have to pick and choose what you want to see.  I think I directed the family more to animals I hadn't seen before: pandas, orangoutangs, king cobras, gorillas, etc.   We also had a great time taking the ski lift over the zoo - we thought we'd be able to see the animals from above, but it just looked like a jungle below us.  And apparently I'm not scared of heights in an enclosed box, just ski lifts - so I guess that's good to know.  I could have stayed a lot longer and gone over to the tiger path, etc., but after about 4 hours we were done and it was time to get dinner and find a BEACH!! 

Since were staying in La Jolla a few miles up the road we decided on a La Jolla beach instead of coming back down to SD.  By the time we actually found the beach it was in the 50s and the water was QUITE a bit colder.  Did that stop Ellie?  Not. One. Bit.  This girl was in heaven.  Heaven, I tell ya.  You see those pictures?  She in the water on her belly.  After an hour or two it was time to rescue her from hyperthermia.  And yes, we were the only ones in swimsuits on the beach that day.  All the locals in sweaters either looked on in shocked disbelief or just shook their heads and laughed.  I think she takes after her mama - adaptable.  City girl, country girl, beach girl - whatever.  We love it all.  Although Elle apparently weathers cold temps much better than her mama.  Apparently.

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