Saturday, January 08, 2011

VaycayDay 1 - Sea World

The week before we went on vacation was busy.  Packing. Cleaning.  Tying up loose ends of callings etc.  We were going to be gone for 10 days.   I was able to get all of that off done, but there wasn't one second of time for blogging.  My friend Janna and her husband Cliff were lifesavers - they spotted us their GPS system and iPod touch (the one we bought wasn't delivered before we left).  The iPod helped quite a bit but I'd say the GPS was a lifesaver for 10 days in metro Southern Cal.

Just in case you were wondering about our trip, we had just planned on Disneyland but had heard such great things about Sea World (apparently a lot of people like it better than DL) that I looked into doing both.  Better to kill two birds with one stone than want to take a second SoCal trip to see everything else, right?  So I found  For abour $250 each we got 2 days at Sea World, 1 day at San Diego Zoo, 3 day park hopper at Disneyland, and 1 Day at Universal Studios.  7 Days for 3 people for $750 - about $30 per day per person per park.  Not too shabby.

Anyways, we were to leave Friday, stay in Vegas with family, arrive in SD on Saturday morning for Sea World.  We had a great quick visit with fam Friday and Saturday morning we left at 4 am to be there when the park opened.  It was the week the whole country was hit with a cold front, including San Diego, so instead of 10* in Idaho we had to live with 59* this day, which was the coldest day of the week we were there.  We were just a bit chilly but grateful to escape the frostbite back home.
We tried to make it through the whole park in one day - it wasn't that hard, there was a crowd - but I'm sure it was small for a Saturday because of the weather.  Because of the cold we (and everyone else) avoided the 'Splash Zones' of the dolphin, sea lion, and Shamu shows.
Here are the pictures of Ellie's favorite parts - Sesame Street Playland with cool rides and the world's greatest play toy - and the 4D helicopter ride.  I had a great time and spent more time enjoying the shows, displays, and rides than taking pictures.  I wasn't sure how much water went into the park and I didn't want to ruin my camera so I just brought along my point and shoot this day.  It was fun to chill about pics for a day, although that wasn't my mantra for the whole week :-)

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