Thursday, January 13, 2011

VaycayDay 6 - Disneyland, Goodbye

Our last day at Disneyland was bittersweet.  We'd seen everything already so all that was left was what we wanted to do twice.  We definitely wanted to do the Toy Story video carnival game again.  It would have been nice to do that a few more times, but seriously twice is enough.  We also took turns on California Screamin'.  Way cool.  On our way out of CalAdv we filled up the rest of our autograph book and put it away for the rest of the day.  This was one of my fave moments of the trip - while D was on the roller coaster I decided to try to get Ellie to meet Woody - who was freaking her out.  I told her she didn't have to meet him but mommy was.  So I dragged her begrudgingly through the line while she played the iPod.  When we got up to the front they did a rotation with Green Army Man and we got the exact same guy as the day before.  I was stoked.  Ellie hid behind the photographer and he coaxed her out and got out her book to sign.  All of a sudden all the crepe paper leaves she'd collected from the Playhouse Disney Show fell on the ground.  There was an awkward silence and GAM asked, "What's all this?"  I explained that she'd collected them from the show and wanted to keep them.  All of a sudden, GAM says, "Sherriff, freeze!  Step away from the foilage!"  It was so super-cute, everyone laughed and GAM knelt down and picked every single leaf up with Ellie.  Melt my heart.  
 We went back to Adventureland because Ellie was done with pretty much everything so we told her there was a discovery park on Tom Sawyer's island and we took turns playing there while the other went back and rode Indiana Jones.
 We made sure we were getting all of the coasters in.  Matterhorn, Splash Mountain (D lost his hat), Frontierland one, etc.  Ellie was LOVING those.  We decided to ride the Toon Town one again and after walking out of Toon Town decided to go back and say goodbye to the princesses that were there.  I hadn't planned on taking a lot of pictures today so Ellie wasn't really dolled up, but it was so precious.  When she told them she was leaving today and didn't know when she'd be back both Ariel and Belle sat with her and took her aside where we couldn't hear and just talked to her for a few minutes.  They were so SUPER sweet.  Much more interaction here than at the restaurant.  I imagine on the busy day it'd be different, though. By that time we had time for 1 more ride - and Ellie wanted to ride Matterhorn again but by this time (thursday) there was a much larger crowd and the line was about 40 minutes long.  So we walked around and I told D we should check Space Mountain, which had been closed last time we walked by.  It was only a 30 minute wait so we decided to stay.  I'm glad that was our last ride before we left - Ellie LOVED it.  She turned into our little roller coaster monster by the end.
Overall we were SO happy with our trip so far.  Ellie had been angelic considering all the walking and it being our 6th day straight of being at a theme park.  I can't wait for the day when we can make it back to Disneyland again some day.  What a great experience for our family and lot of happy memories.

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