Wednesday, January 12, 2011

VaycayDay 5 - Disneyland, California Adventure

For Day 2 DL we had reservations for lunch at Ariel's Grotto.  We had heard it is a really neat experience and the princesses come to each table to visit with the kids, more than you get when you are in line.  Well, we only live once, and Ellie will only be there one time while she believes in princesses - so we decided to go.  Ariel's Grotto is in California Adventure, so we started there and when we were done for the day we'd go back to DL and finish what was left there.
 It seems Ellie likes the princesses that talk, and the fuzzy animals that don't, but the plastic cars and the plastic toy story heads seemed to scare her a bit.  We loved Flying Over California, got our tickets for World of Color, and ran into our friends from the day before.  Here is a picture of our two littlest princesses together.  We made our way back to Paradise Pier and I had to dupe Ellie into meeting Jessie - which wouldn't have worked if Green Army Man wasn't the awesomest character around.  He was so, so good with kids and got Ellie to come around once we got to the front of the line.  This man deserves a raise!
 It was time for lunch so we swapped our things at our locker and made our way back to the pier.  I walked behind D & L and heard everyone comment about how cute they were together!  I think every mom loves hearing strangers say how cute her kid is :-) but mostly I hung back to get pictures.  We were the first table near the princesses entrance and they spun out, stopped to take a picture with Ellie and were on their way.  Say, what?  We got more time with them in the free line over at Dland.  Oh well, at least it was good food and it was still a nice, relaxing, experience.
 Afterwards we started burning up and Ellie was ready to change so we bought her a Tshirt and changed before we came back to Bug's land.  That was cute and fun and El was definitely ready for rides at this point.  She didn't want characters and she didn't want shows.  Just rides.
 We rounded out our time at California Adventure by going on The Tower of Terror and the backlot.  If you can see Ellie's little face in the picture, she HATED the falling elevator.  Darik is on the phone with University of Alabama in that picture.  His cell rang as soon as we got our of the Elevator and he had a phone interview right there.   Once again, plastic faces freaked El out.
We made our way back over to Disneyland as we waited for World of Colors to start.  We rode Mark Twain's ferry (super cool @ night, bytheway) and discovered Aurora's castle, which was Ellie's other favorite part, because it was REAL!
We went back to CalAdv for the World of Colors show.  Basically if you take the Bellagio water show and then make it 10x longer and bigger, add lights and fire, and then project disney movies ONTO THE WATER, that's what you get.  Darik didn't want to stay up late and see the show at all, but after it was over he was glad we did.  Ellie was transfixed.  Of course afterwards at 9 pm we still had to ride the tram back to the parking structure and walk a few blocks back to the hotel.  We were SO, SO tired!  But happy.

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