Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Best Mirror Is An Old Friend

 So we got home on Thursday and our bestest-est friends were coming in from Boise - DJ & Anna Eberlin.  So I call all the high school girls from Poky and Logan and see if we can get everybody together for a girls-night.  Can you believe we got 7 of the 10 together?  We had a great time visiting and seeing the new babies.  It's the first time we met baby Paisley (Eberlin) and Aria (Simons).  The Eberlins had a Miller family event so they got to crash at our place for a few nights - we had an extra room & queen bed that the other house didn't have.  So we were extra lucky ducks - especially Ellie.  She was loving on baby Paisley and having a baby around so much.  It made her baby little Buttercup even more.  And Boston is growing up so big.  I love it.

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