Sunday, February 27, 2011

Portland Playhouse

Ok so another big problem? I've been on 3 big trips in 8 weeks and everywhere I go I bring the cold weather with me!! Ughh!  Yeah, it had snowed in Portland and had a high of 32.  Yuck.  Anyways, one good thing is that as soon as we get there little Ellie is glued to her BFF-anderson-cousin Jayden.  It's so cute to see cousins the same age just be inseparable.  I wish we lived closer to them.

But luckily Carrie,  the hostess with the mostest, had a fun day planned for us all.  She's the super couponer so she had free tickets to the Portland Children's museum for moms and kids and coupons for the boys to play laser tag.
Unfortunately?  The rest of Portland's families decided that the best place to take your kids on the coldest day of the year was the Children's Museum.  And boy was it crowded!  I took 5yo duty because there was no way these two little girls were going to stay back at the pace of a two year old and baby in a stroller.  Not without me losing sanity at trying to control their hyperactivity.  So I chaperoned them for about and hour while they played.
After a while we ran into everyone else back in the "Twilight Path" that has the stage, face make up, and play-doh rooms.  Little Jadyn and Ellie got to work right quick on the face paint.  Ellie was meticulous and slow.  Who knew she'd been planning her whole life to paint exactly what she wanted on her face if she ever got the chance?  Not me.  Even the employee and other moms who were there were flabbergasted that an adult didn't paint her face.  My little art bug.  That's not taking anything away from the coolness of Jadyn's fun face.  I think my favorite part was watching Carrie let Jadyn do her worst to her own face.  I love watching good mommies play with their kids and get down in the trenches with them.  It wasn't too much longer and all the kids were ready to go.  We went home, took and hour cleaning Ellie's face, chilled, and got ready for the baptism.  I'm sad I didn't get a picture of Landon because in the past year he's turned from a little boy into a young man (really young, but still).  And I'm sad I didn't have a deck of cards on me because we are due for another crazy match of Go Fish.  That kid is so fun.  I'm so glad I got to see him be baptized.

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