Monday, February 28, 2011

No More Knots!

Back in December we went to see Tangled and loved it.  I think Ellie, along with every other 5 year old in the country, wanted to grow their hair long like Rapunzel.  Ellie's hair got longer than it ever had been - and there were more knots and tangles than ever as well.  I know there were also cutesy girls with utah-mom-hair (you know what I mean, looks like the mom spent over an hour just twisting and braiding hair in mind-spinning combinations) because Ellie asked me if I could do that to her hair.  And well, I suck at that.  I do regular braids, fish tail braids, pig tails, pony tails, buns, twists, and that's about it.  I felt bad.  A few weeks later she tells me, "Mom I don't want Rapunzel hair I want Dora hair.  Then it wouldn't hurt anymore."  Voila.  I knew if I forced it on her she would be upset, but smart mommy waited until it was Ellie's decision.  So we called up Casey. I wanted my hair styled (for the first time since I shaved it bald) I think I was getting a mullett again.
Since we decided to go for Dora hair there was enough of it to donate to Pantene if we cut it just a little shorter than chin length.
Ellie at first wanted Ariel bangs but Casey was able to bring her around to straight across.  As you can tell, She loved the idea!  The second she had bangs Ellie's face LIT UP.  Casey said it made her day.
The next day at school Mrs. Marley made a big deal out of her hair and how much she loved it (Bless you Mrs. Marley).  After school I asked her what other kids at school said.  Kayla loved it.  Then she said Avia (a girl in her class with Utah hair) said she didn't like it and then asked Ethan if he thought it was cute and he said yes.  When she first told me that I just thought - stupid girls, just ignore them.  But later than night D came home and I told him that story and I just started crying - I know it's good for Ellie to get tough skin but I guess I was just emotional enough to cry when my baby gets meaned/teased.  I hope I raised her the right way for the first five years to not care!  Either way my sweet, sassy daughter now has a sweet, sassy haircut! :-)

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  1. Ellie's new haircut looks darling! I love it. I can hardly believe you are saying you can hardly do hair... I can do a ponytail or a braid.. that is it! Thank goodness no one around here does "Utah Hair"! I would be in serious trouble!