Saturday, January 15, 2011

VaycayDay 8 - Huntington Beach

The day had arrived that Ellie was waiting for:  no more theme parks.  Seven days in a row is a lot.  I'm not complaining because we had a great time.  But day 8 may have been the best day - BEACH!  We woke up, ate breakfast, hit walmart to buy food and beach toys, and then programmed the GPS to go straight to the coast.  Ahhh, Pacific Coast Highway, how I love thee!  After so much to see and so much to do, how refreshing was it to just go to the beach with nothing to do except the goal of not going home until the sun set?  It was fantabulous.

When I was planning the trip I must say providence had smiled upon us - I made sure we at least had one whole free day to do whatever we wanted.  I planned it to happen on the warmest it had been all week - 79* with a slight breeze.  So we're in out swimsuits and we get there and we want to walk down the pier down to Ruby's . . . just for fun.  Kristine:  "Um, Darik?  I think everyone can tell I'm a tourist.  It might have something to do with the fact they're all wearing jeans and sweaters and coats, and I'm wearing this.  Just an observation."

Ellie, quit throwing sand!!!

I don't think a more perfect day has ever been created in this family's existence.

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