Tuesday, February 01, 2011

moving on

As soon as we got home I spent 24 hours doing laundry.  Yay!* (*sarcasm).  Actually I was just glad to get it over with quickly.  I got caught up in a series I hadn't heard of before by Megan Whalen Turner.  I spent time finding more jobs for D to apply for.  And also I had an extra Groupon to Blurb.com that I had to use up before it expired.

As an update on the job dealio:  Last year we knew we'd be going into Darik's last semester of his master's degree and that we were ready for change.  Ready to move on in his career.  ISU has nowhere for him to move up.  And we are adventurous souls - wanderlusts - so we actually relish, look forward, and are excited for change.  So a few months ago we just started applying for jobs that might be a possible next step for D.  It started with Rice University in Houston.  Nothing.  Then, in November, we saw the Director of Ticketing job at University of Kansas open up.  So we apply.  Then Darik talks with his contacts at the ticketing software company (Paciolan) and she said she would submit his resume and try her best to push it up the ladder.  We were pretty hopeful.  During this time the Director of Ticking job opened at University of Alabama.  We applied for that while waiting to hear anything from Kansas.  Out of the blue they fill the position and we were disappointed we didn't even get a phone call.  I was starting to doubt whether we were targeting jobs that were at the appropriate level (whether too high or too low) and was getting discouraged that we wouldn't get anything.  Even on our Disneyland trip I told D, that we must be doing something wrong because we haven't gotten any interest from any of the jobs we applied for.  The Alabama job had been closed for a week and I said, "We didn't even get a phone call from them."  Showed me right when they called while we were a Disneyland, eh?  Well since then we've applied for jobs at Iowa State, Northwestern, Oklahoma, and Boise State.  I passed each job posting to D, regardless of if I thought it was too high or too low (which some of them were) I thought it never hurts to try, right?  We get back from Disneyland and Alabama calls again and wants to fly Darik out for an interview.  Cha-ching.  Serves me right for opening my mouth.  So D flies out during the first week of February and interviews.  We have no idea who else they are interviewing, but Darik knows he LOVES it there.  Loves the job.  Loves the career move.  But they aren't deciding until March.  So that's where we're at.  Limbo.  Waiting.

In the meantime I finished our 2010 blog book and uploaded and ordered two copies with my first two Groupons.  So I had one Groupon left that I had bought to make a wedding book out of, but I had not gotten around to getting my negatives scanned.  So instead I pounded out a 440 page blog book from when we first got our digital camera (2005) until, really, until they wouldn't let me add any more pages (2006).  There are links at the bottom of my blog that show the previews of all of the blog books I have made.  What this book lacks in content and detail it makes up in pictures.  1700 of them.  And it's a book only a mother could love.  Who else would be interested in 300 pictures of my baby in her high chair?  No one.  But me, and I love all 300 of them :-).  And just a word about blog books?  They are the greatest journals/family histories.  You ask me what happened to D in I in our family from 2001-2004?  I could tell you a handful of stories.  You ask me what happened from 2005-2010?  I hand you a 8 inch stack of books :-)

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