Friday, April 01, 2011

Online Garage Sale !

If I don't have you on facebook you may not have seen my new webpage I posted with our online garage sale.  If you're local, check it out - we are trying to get rid of LOTS of our stuff :-)

Online Garage Sale

We are creeping ever closer to being able to list the house.  My goal was April 1 but it looks more like it will be at least another week with all the work we have to do.  I can feel us getting closer, though.  I need to clean and organize my whole kitchen, paint over the marker crayon, paint all of the white trim & doors, box up a few more things, sell all of our extra stuff, clean all of our windows inside & out, and then move on to the patio & outdoors.  Nothing a little elbow grease can't handle - oh yeah and still babysit and work at the dentist and everything else I have going on etc.  Yay for being busy - it makes the waiting go faster.  The update on the job is we are planning on hearing from BSU next week sometime.  There is also another job that is hiring this summer he was contacted about and asked to apply for by a reference.  Fingers crossed and praying for faith not only to go where HF wants us to go but go according to His timetable :-)

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