Thursday, March 31, 2011

Think Pink!

This afternoon my two favorite girls disappeared into the playhouse and emerged . . . PINK!  The pictures don't do it justice but pretty much every exposed area had been filled in a with a little pink chalk -- AHEM what I meant to say is that two little girls must have eaten SO many pink cupcakes, and they were PINKALICIOUS :-)

ps Don't even ask me where those poses came from - I swear I don't let them watch America's Next Top Model.

Just looking at these pictures makes me so happy and sad.  These two girls are the bestest of friends and I really don't know what I'm going to do if/when we move.  This past year has been so fabulous to just have the girls run back and forth from next door to play.  I couldn't have asked for better neighbors in Cassie & Brian and are so glad our little girls match so well.  They are have strong enough personalities that neither one railroads the other but I think they have both really learned about working and playing together and sharing over the past year.

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