Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Saturday morning our primary had an easter egg hunt (with actual good weather!).  On Sunday morning I hear Ellie wake up and shout, "DADDY, I'M A BABY BUNNY!"  It was silly.  But what was even more funny is that I went in to get her and opened the door to leave she saw her easter basket and eggs - she totally spaced that the Easter Bunny was coming so she was quite literally shocked.  It was cute.  We don't do candy until we have our Sunrise Devotional - which this year didn't happen until after church.  THEN little one got to collect eggs and pigeons (peeps) and see that the bunny left her Tangled.  After easter lunch we cuddled as a family, ate candy, and watched a movie.  Then we dyed easter eggs and went over to my mom's house for a family easter party.  It was a really chill holiday.  We loved it. 

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