Sunday, April 24, 2011

Big Guy Grows Up

Darik's little sister has two kids, Addie (2), Mason (1 on Saturday), and one on the way due in July.  Yep she will have three kids three and under!!  On Saturday Darik got off early from his internship hours so we could be there for the big party.  D's parents weren't able to make it - they were on the road to Portland where Darik's older brother was called to be a counselor in their bishopric (knock on wood).  Anyways, Mason has always been a big boy (I love chunky babies, so cute!) So I was excited for his cake pictures.  He burned his fingers a little bit on the candle, just like Red, but was able to brush it off enough when he realized the sweet temptation of sugar singing his name. There was also an Easter egg hunt and a pinata - which Ellie got to be the one to bust it up.  She was SO excited.  She ignored the candy and jumped up and down and gave uncle chris a hug before we reminded her there was candy on the ground!  It was so good to see Mindy and visit with her.  Chris accepted an internship at a nuclear power plant north of Las Vegas for the summer and they are hoping to get hired after it's complete.  That will be so great to have more family in vegas - and we're more than just a little jealous that they get to live in the land of the sun!  It will be hard for them to be apart because Mindy will be staying in Idaho to have the baby.  Cute boy.  Fun day.  Now that Darik is done with school FOREVER it will be nice to be able to go up to Idaho Falls more often and spend time with the Andersons.

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  1. I'm so glad you guys were able to make it!! Gotta love Mason's "dear in the headlights" look everytime a camera is pointed at him:) Addy's blacked out mouth is hilarious!