Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Roof and the Nurse

Back in December we had quite a leak from a hole in our roof near the fireplace.  We were able to get it patched up enough that we made it through the rest of the winter without incident.  But that didn't change the fact that if we sold our house it wouldn't pass a home inspection - there were three sheets of plywood under the roof that were bowed, moldy, and rotted through that needed to be replaced.  Seeing that our roof had three mishmashed patched layers of shingles on top (by code you should only have two) it seemed our roof was up for replacement instead of repair.  We got a few quotes.  Most came in around $5500 and one even for $7800.  Um, no.  My sister is dating a guy in construction and he gave us a quote of $3600.  Now, we were up for saving almost $2000 but we also realized when you hire one guy to help it's a bit different than hiring a company with multiple employees, insurance, etc.  Let's just say we got what we paid for - which is a guy who knows what he's doing to do a good job getting the roof on at a discounted price.  But a few corners were cut along the way - see all the shingles in my yard?  Anyways . . . he is taking the missionary discussions and they volunteered to help him.  So on the day they were dumping shingles on our lawn Ellie and I were inside and I told her we couldn't leave to go to a baptism luncheon for someone in our ward because we had to stay in case something happened to the missionaries - like they might fall off the roof or something . . 
Ellie gasps, and says, "I am a nurse!!  So it is a good thing I am here to help them get better when they get hurt!"  She proceeded to get out paper to draw a red 'nurse badge' (red cross sign) which she cut out and taped to her own shirt.  Then she made one for "BUDRCUP" and also made a smile for him that she taped on his face.  I told her it was dangerous out there because they were pushing stuff off our roof onto the floor . . . so she runs and puts her soccer shinguards on and her pony rain jacket.  Here she is, ready to save some lives:
It only lasted for a few minutes before the falling shingles really scared her and she came back in.  I'm so glad to have a nurse in my family!

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