Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rodeo Week

Darik keeps track of his hours even though he's a salaried employee, just so he can know how much he works.  This year's rodeo week was up there near record-breaking levels.  83+ hours working that week - and that doesn't even count his night school!  I tried to make all the mommy/Ellie time that week fun since she was missing out on all the fun rough and tumbles that she gets with Daddy.  I even brought her to MickeyDs for fun (which I never do).  I snapped a few shots of us ducking into Darik's office during the week just so she could see him.  Poor guy, look how tired his eyes look!  Darik was able to get my family some tickets to Saturday nights show - it was really fun to have everyone together with the cousins and watch.  For city folk (that's a relative term) rodeos can be rather fun to watch! :-)

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